Servant Leaders

Pastor Scott Casebeer



As a spiritual interpreter, I need to help others find their understanding of God within the Christian tradition. But as a servant leader, I must be open to the plurality within the theological discussion by providing a safe space for people to bring their questions. I am called to help others theologically frame their world, but I should never dictate what they should believe. This means working with people where they are at, in communities that are far from perfect but that continue to struggle to find out how they can best love God and neighbor. We are all learning, we are all in process, journeying together towards a better understanding of how God is acting in our lives and the world. My task is not to change people; only God can do that. My charge as a leader of the church is to introduce people to God and to walk with them in their doubts and their pain, continually reminding them that they are loved by One who embodies all love.

Joyce Orr

Bible Study Leader


Bio: Joyce holds a bachelor's degree from U.C.'s College of Business Administration and has worked for many years in the computer industry. Joyce's passions range from storytelling to theology. A lifelong member of Zion, Joyce is also a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers ( and co-coordinator of the CinDay Guild of the Network (

Judy White

Choir Director, Minister of Music


Bio: Judy White directs the Chancel Choir. Judy is best known for her many years of teaching music at Norwood High School. She also lead the very successful Norwood Community Chorus. Judy is a graduate of Capital University in Columbus, OH.

Claire Lee



Bio: Claire Lee joined the church staff at Zion in the Fall of 1997. Claire plays the organ, piano and keyboards for church services and accompanies the Chancel Choir and the Youth Choir. Claire received her Bachelor of Music degree from Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She also holds a Masters in Accompanying. She's been playing professionally for 25 years.

Janet Winter

Youth Choir Director


Bio: Janet Winter directs our Zion Church Youth Choir. Janet brings a passion for loving children while encouraging them to be their best for the Lord!

Leadership, Spiritual Life, and Ministry Teams

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